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The latest and best fantasy books with romance

What did you think about the spin on Beauty and the Beast? Share in the comments! Trapped between warring forces, Amelia must own her destiny before her heart splits in two. Already Naatos, a world conquering warlord, and his brothers have conquered Libysha.

Her people demand she vanquish them to prove her loyalty and save them. To refuse is to lose the trust of her own family and friends, the people whom she always longed to protect. When betrayal threatens the refuge of her allies, Amelia must return to Naatos in order to distract him from further bloodshed, all while fighting her growing affection for him and his family.

Yet the more she learns of tragic history, the murkier the truth becomes. The very people Amelia defends have committed their own atrocities, including linking Amelia to a human soldier who holds half her soul in a life-threatening bond. Attacked by her allies and cared for by her enemies, Amelia struggles on, more disillusioned with her destiny. A massive army of deadly shapeshifters looms on the other side of the Tue-Rah, an interdimensional portal. With the fate of worlds resting on her shoulders, she must walk the balance between hero and villain before she is torn in two.

I love love triangles in romantic arcs. Granted, in some circles, this is akin to saying I love Brussels sprouts or chicken gizzards. Love triangles often get a bad rap in fiction because of Twilight. If this is your particular brand of wish fulfillment, all right then. However, love triangles existed in many forms before Twilight , and they continue to exist afterwards, in a much wider variety that is insanely useful for great romantic storytelling. At their core, love triangles have a sense of realism. They operate with the understanding that love and romance is messy, and that someone can be attractive to more than person.

Major burn there! Of course, all of this requires a great deal of smart characterization to figure out why these two characters are attracted to the same person. What do each of them uniquely see in this individual? Are they projecting their own ideas onto the person?

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How do they think the person will complete them—and are they right or wrong? A love triangle should create plot problems and force each character to grow to figure out where they stand. One of my favorite love triangles is in J. Such a wonderful mess of twisting fate! But then the heroine is turned towards another man because of outside forces meddling with her soul and his. When the truth is revealed, the heroine breaks up with the other man, even though Naatos, her arranged marriage fellow, is pretty much a huge jerk. In this case, our noble heroine is trying to allow the other man to go off and live his own life.

And plus, that soul-meddling has side effects, leaving all kinds of loose threads between the heroine and the other man. Cue much angst and anger and hard situations that contribute wonderfully to the main plot! This is likely why you find love triangles so much in YA stories, because YA is all about coming of age and figuring out your identity. But if your main character can be wonderfully stressed out by two people chasing them, or if they can be flustered by chasing the same individual as another person, a love triangle is a great fit. And as a side hustle, you could start a t-shirt business for your various love triangle options.

If you do, let me know… I might need them for Team Brussels Sprouts vs. Team Chicken Gizzards! Janeen Ippolito writes unique words that change our world. In her spare time, Janeen enjoys sword-fighting, reading, pyrography, and eating brownie batter. Two of her goals are eating fried tarantulas and traveling to Antarctica. Janeen also writes love triangles in her own work!

Her recent release is Lawless , the first book in The Ironfire Legacy series :. Dragonshifter convict Kesia Ironfire has one goal: to redeem herself as a soldier in the dragon-human war. A rogue mission to spy on a new airship is the perfect way to win the trust of her superiors, as long as she collects useful intel. Then the airship explodes into sickening green smoke, leaving Kesia and her tactical partner Zephryn Nightstalker in cold water and under house arrest.

Kesia and Zephryn flee to the human military capital, where Captain Shance Windkeeper is furloughed after the destruction of his airship and avoiding a most unwanted countess threatening an arranged marriage.

Fire Island Hotels and Places to Stay

Eager to discover what—and who—blew up his vessel, he helps Kesia and Zephryn infiltrate High Command. And human social customs are the least of her worries. Dark secrets emerge as Kesia searches for answers in the heart of High Command. Secrets that undermine her criminal status and the war itself. This, in and of itself, is probably the best argument for romance in fantasy. For the most part, romance in stories gets boiled down to Person A falling in love with Person B and vice versa.

And for those of us who want a decent sex scene in our stories, there tends to be a few other problems. Fights for promos, swaps, ad spots, etc.

And good luck if you write romantic YA where teens have sex. Guess what? Side-story: Veronica Roth YA author was approached by several parents who questioned if her books included sex. When she said no, but they include murder and fighting and killing, the parents shrugged it off and said that was fine. Also, authors who put sex on the pages of their stories in genres OTHER than romance tend to run into another interesting obstacle.

Movies on TV this week Sept. 15, 'Alien,' 'Aliens' and more - Los Angeles Times

Can that be a thing? Sometimes I need to read about the main character sleeping with every male character to pick the one she truly loves, okay? She is a beast by nature.

He is a beast by duty. Amid the lovely roses and razor-sharp thorns, love tangles between beasts and beauties in this twist of a classic romantic tale that transcends time… Nida, a dragonian life weaver, anxiously awaits the day her new sisters hatch in their temple sanctuary.

But without the magical spirit of a human male, that day will never come. But that, dear readers, is not the beginning of the story…. Once upon a time, back when dinosaurs roamed the aisles of Waldenbooks, an author decided that love triangles in romance novels were silly and frustrating. Double penetration or bust, baby! But then, something huge happened in the book world—enter the e-book self-publishing revolution.

Four lesbian or bi women in a relationship. Three gay or bi guys. It was almost exclusively either contemporary romance or paranormal romance, for one thing. Go on… ask me how I know! The genre also leaned heavily toward erotic romance or outright erotica, with much of the emphasis being placed on the buildup to group sex and the eventual payoff.

Meanwhile, another book-related phenomenon was quietly bubbling in the background. Borrowing from a type of Japanese manga in which the female main character is surrounded by a number of male love and friendship interests vying for her attention, a handful of Western authors were writing books in which the YA young adult heroine openly cultivated a number of romantic partners. These partners were aware of each other and generally okay with sharing the girl. Often they were already friends, or they were otherwise connected in some sort of previously existing group.

The focus was in these books was less on sex and more on emotional relationship building. Unlike the manga stories, however, in Western-style reverse harem books, the main character never chooses one partner over the others. The genre took off with readers in , becoming one of the hottest trends of the year in self-publishing. Reverse harem readers were voracious and knew exactly what they wanted.

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It was even worse if the main character ended up with one love interest at the end, instead of all of them—that way lay author career suicide. Additionally, readers wanted the men of the harem to be exclusively focused on the woman; the prevailing opinion at the time was that as soon as any of the guys went bisexual and started getting it on with each other as well as the girl, it was no longer reverse harem.

Of course, some of the women in historical, real-world harems were having sex with each other—and it happened commonly enough that there were laws in place outlining how to deal with them when they were caught.

The Moses Expedition

But, anyhoo…. Why is it all contemporary and paranormal romance? Because the reality is that all of these book-related terms are completely arbitrary.

Not only that, but they evolve over time. Still, at least in my opinion, poly romance can be considered the overarching umbrella term for these sorts of books. The only restriction on poly romance is that 1 it must contain more than two people in a consensual romantic relationship, 2 everyone must know about everyone else, and 3 there must not be any cheating see 2.

Similarly, taking away the external plot elements would leave you with the other fifty percent of a story. In response to ever more draconian crackdowns by major book advertising platforms regarding anything that even hints at alternative lifestyles, poly romance authors have started getting creative in a truly lovely way.

Spring 2020 Children’s Sneak Previews

This has become a huge problem for authors who rely on that kind of advertising to drive book sales and make their living. Because, after all… when it comes to book romance in all its beautiful and interesting permutations, why would you ever want to choose in the first place? USA Today bestselling author R. Steffan lives in a very boring but pretty part of flyover country in the Midwestern US. A rebel to the core, she is currently sticking it to the man by illegally harboring ducks within the city limits, where only chickens are allowed.

This fearless disregard for societal norms extends to her writing, as well.