Goal-Line Stand (The Spirit of the Game, Sports Fiction)

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  1. The facts and the fiction in 'When the Game Stands Tall' | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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As a good writer, he brings fresh energy and colorful insight to the lives of Joseph, Zechariah and Elizabeth, Mary and more. I loved the chapter on Simeon and Anna — what pathos this story carries, and how wonderfully it reminds us of the ancient promises.

Kudos to DD for bringing the Word even in what is at first glance a boring list of begetting. Like many recent Moody Press books there are a few nice design touches — some red ink, some graphics that enhance the text. Many of these songs, by the way, are excellent choices, and not always your well-known carols. Hey, just so you know: Darling may be a Southern Baptist fella, but guess what author he cites, I think more than any other in his fascinating footnotes that includes everyone from J.

Just saying. Even the beautiful cover, if pondered, is a bit jarring. Good will often abounds in this time of year, but, really, how might this holy season invite us to more risky and bold actions for peace and justice and social righteousness? This little one-of-a-kind devotional will inspire you to think about this very thing.

Each entry in this Keep Watch with Me Advent devotional offers a story of a mostly unknown but occasionally well-recognized peacemaker or justice leader. One is written by a gifted prisoner. Others are involved in various significant social ministries. I love this book and ask, and hope, that you consider it.

Maybe you could gift it to a rising activist, or an old-timer who needs a reminder to keep at it. Why not buy a couple of Keep Watch With Me and share them? Amazing people with amazing insights for a season of wonder and welcome. This new one by Amy-Jill Levine has been our biggest selling new Advent book these last few weeks as many are intrigued with her new look at the history of the birth of Christ, tracing the Christmas narrative through the stories of Zechariah, Elizabeth, Mary and other standard seasonal texts.

Imagine, if you will, what it would be like to decorate your home for the holidays inspired by each of the four gospels? In other words, how might a house look for Christmas, this book asks, if it is based on what each gospel says about it? There are beautiful illustrations from architect Kevin Burns, even. Nice idea, huh?

She has contributed to the preaching guide Feasting on the World and the worship planning resource Connections. How nice to have a book that celebrates and explores the unique tellings of the Christmas story from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John — and connected to this somewhat sensual and visual construction. A great book. There are six weeks of daily reflections, well written, important, I think. Wake Up to Advent!

The facts and the fiction in 'When the Game Stands Tall' | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

This is the hour of crisis: it is high time for you to wake out of sleep, for deliverance is nearer to us now than it was when we first believed. Using that as a springboard he call us to Wake up, Clean up, Feed up, and Grow up. This is lively and invigorating, written by a Ugandan-born, evangelically-minded, Anglican bishop serving as Metropolitan of York and a Primate, making him the second most senior clerical position in the Church of England after that of the Archbishop of Canterbury himself.

So nice to have such an important little book available on this side of the pond. Christopher Ash is a fine thinker and writer, a straight-arrow Reformed theologian in the heritage, perhaps, of the Puritans or the Banner of Truth Trust. There are 24 reflections, each with hymn or carol lyrics to ponder, a closing prayer and a lined page for journaling.

Ashe himself is a writer-in-residence at Tyndale House in Cambridge.

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Perhaps you know Ms. This new one, though, is a simple, gifty version. We heartily recommend it. She says it is for:. Perhaps you know of their beautiful journal Weavings which for years has published literarily rich and thoughtful spiritual reflections and essays. This wondrous if brief and inexpensive new seasonal collection brings together for the first time some of the best and most beloved pieces from Weavings published about Advent during the last 30 years by exceptional authors such as Barbara Brown Taylor, Henri Nouwen, Sue Monk Kidd, Wendy Wright, John Mogabgab, even Wendell Berry.

What a delight to see in book form some of this pieces that were only seen by those who subscribed to Weavings. Each entry has a brief reading, a reflection question and a short prayer. This is affordable and brief but my, my — so good. I have promoted it at events off site as well, holding it and waving it and trying to persuade folks that it is worth every penny.

Those who know Rev. I am not exaggerating her importance or her eloquence. She is a friend and hero to us; anyone that knows her knows of her sharp mind, her Christ-centered demeanor, and her sermons and lectures on the gospel, always informed by care study of the Biblical texts and mature theology about which is punctilious without being anything close to being fundamentalist. But trust me here: there is no book written that I know of in our lifetime that even approximates such a profound and Biblical study of the season of Advent and its requisite longings, hard looks, somber tones.

With blurbs on the back from Richard Hays and Wesley Hill and Alan Jacobs and Marilyn McEntyre who call it everything from edgy to unflinching to eloquent to sober, you know it is to be taken seriously. Last December we decided to read a number of these sermons out loud during an Adult Education Sunday school class in our fairly ordinary PCUSA church and, engaging as the sermons are, I wondered if it would work. I feared the good folks in my Sunday school class might not be up for such intense preaching, let alone just reading them out loud and studying them. Alas, our fears were misguided — the class was a big hit.

The sermons that we selected from the beginning of this almost page book were very well received and the conversation was edifying and fruitful. Unlike many pop books, it is one you should own and keep.

Character Analysis

We cannot exclaim enough how important and beautiful and useful this exceptional volume is. We are so glad to announce it again as it is just a fabulous little book —a full color painting reproduced for each day of Advent with a lovely devotional on the facing page. This is compact sized and quite affordable and the paintings are diverse.

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That is, they are not all obviously about the nativity, but Williams sees into the artwork, knows something about the painters, and weaves a bit of art history and aesthetic insight into an interesting and uplifting Advent devotion. What tremendous and invigorating and classy little readings these are — very highly recommended. What a great gift this is, too — sturdy paper, full color, sophisticated but not too heady or too expensive.

I explained a bit more about it last year in our Advent list, which you can visit here. What a feast! You may know of her others in this series, similar literary devotional guides. Walt Brueggemann, one of the great Bible scholars and church activists of our day preaches with evocative insight and writes stuff like this:. Such illusions of abundance disguises the true cravings of our weary souls. Advent is preparation for the demands of newness that will break the tired patterns of fear in our lives.

Some of these are drawn from the two volumes of his collected sermons but most are newly published. Beautiful stuff. After oddly being unavailable for a long while it was reissued a year ago with a great new cover and a lovely new foreword by thoughtful memoirist Addie Zierman. As you may know he was a serious pastor in lower Manhattan, doing a church plant that has attracted thousands of often young, often successful, often sophisticated seekers with a need for the gospel and a desire to learn about how their vocations and callings in the world are related to their faith.

He has retired as pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian and heads up a supportive church planting network called City to City, so remains exceptionally active and influential.

You can now manage your CreateSpace content on Amazon's improved publishing services.

Not to be missed. The first edition hardbacks are out of print ad unavailable. This glorious full-size hardback book with a wonderful foreword by Philip Yancey is the most beautiful devotional book of the season. Each meditation is paired with a moving reproduction of classic art, nicely reproduced on rich, glossy paper. Like that one, this is a treasure to behold. David Bannon writes from profound personal experience, offering ways to commune with God through Scripture.