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christian medical missions to Peru

Has God placed a desire within you to grow in your experience of the Holy Spirit in your life? Do you just want some help making sense of all of this talk of the Holy Spirit in a safe and generous environment? We do this through offering a listening ear to visitors of the cafe and through building relationships.

The Penitent Thief on the Cross

We provide therapeutic activities and wellbeing workshops to engage inclusively with those who are unoccupied during daytime hours forming a twice weekly touchpoint which is both consistent and supportive. We serve a selection of soup, sandwiches, cakes and snacks.

At The Cross | Oceanside

Open, Monday — Saturday Please do come along if you are around - it is only 20 minutes and our numbers are growing every week! Our morning gatherings create space to hear from the Holy Spirit.

The Bible~At the Cross

We have fellowship and prayer with one another and with prayer and thanksgiving give glory to God. Our morning services run from am - am.

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There are a number of Small Group's to be involved in, all of which gather to share something unique. Click below to see more details.

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Would you like to volunteer for a team? The best way to belong is to get stuck in. About Us! Starting October 3rd!

New Here? Learn More. Where To Find Us You can find us at the heart of the city of Chester, by the Cross, which is at the point of interchange between 4 different streets. Many Communities, One Church.

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  • The Penitent Thief on the Cross.

Download the term card here! Even when people are mean, disrespectful and use you spitefully, God always expects His children to shine like stars among darkness. There is great freedom and lightness of life in forgiveness if we will only humble ourselves.

When Jesus was on the cross talking to the repentant thief, He declared that they would be together in Paradise. Although Jesus was enduring one of the most painful moments in history, He knew that in the end God had eternal life in store for Him.


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